Ningguo city love who pest control service co., LTD., located in the southeast of anhui landscape beautiful mountain city—Ningguo city,Is one specialized is engaged in the vector control system,Indoor、External environment disinfection professional company。The company predecessor is2008Years3Month“Ningguo city fine disinfection pest control services”Services based on weigh,After four years of development,In2013Years6Month for registration“Ningguo city love who pest control service co., LTD”。

       Since“Fine”Since its establishment we adhere to the“Serve the society,Serving the public”Business development,To carry out to“Good faith service,Quality first”The guidelines,After taking the pest control tasks and clean engineering project market,In the management and the fierce market growth in exercise,Are involved in the project,Conscientiously implement the industry standard,Be loyal to professional ethics,Won the general customers the high praise and trust……

2、Free to provide pest control scheme    

1、Provide pest causes and Suggestions for improvement    

2、Provide pest species、Density and prevention methods    

3、To provide pest control pesticide type and safety data、Control devices and practices 

4、To provide pest control service frequency and subsequent monitoring service 

5、Prevention and control of service time,The two sides work cooperate contract

3、Pest control quality assurance    

1、To provide pest control services standards    

2、To provide pest control services quality assurance    

3、On-site construction record    

4、Establish customer service files    

5、Not regular pest monitoring service,Regular phone pays a return visit services

6、24Hours response processing your calls,According to the condition of pests or door-to-door service,Or agreed time

Four、Contract signing     

1、Pest control budget and quotation—   Depending on the pest species、Density、Industry、The environment、Building structure、The area   

2、Terms of payment agreed upon   

3、24Hours response processing your calls,

According to the condition of pests or door-to-door service,Or agreed time

Six、Types of pest control    

1、The cockroach control    

2、Prevention and control of rats and mice    

3、Mosquitoes、The fly、Prevention and control of flying insects    

4、The ants、The flea、Bug、Beetles、Millipedes、A centipede    

5、Termite control

Five、The pest control industry

1、The state organs、Colleges and universities、Scientific research institutions、The hospital、Pharmaceutical factory、Embassies and consulates、The civil aviation 

2、The hotel、Hotel、Office buildings、The station

3、Wine shop、Tea house、Fitness、Wash bath、The train

4、The mall、The supermarket、Food processing、The ship、The ship 

5、High-grade residential、The apartment、The community、Family、The school、The kindergarten


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Ningguo city love who pest control service co., LTD

We give priority to with pest control services,Extension to cleaning service、Central air-conditioning cleaning、Disinfection, and other services,The formation of harmful biological control、Public environment clean sanitation、Disinfection of public environmental sanitation(Air quality health),By more than a single three individual organically knot and together、A public health safety barrier。

All the products

A、Free exploration

1、Pest control specialist field pests    

2、Pest species、Density and area survey     

3、Pest root cause investigation        

4、Environmental health and prevention facilities       

5、The construction survey