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Why choose minteq mines?

Simple in structure, convenient in maintenance

For the other production line equipmentThe operation is simpleInstallation and easy maintenance。

Multi-usage,Grain shape is excellent

With functions of plastic,Cubic shaped products accumulationBig density

Safe environmental protection,Durable

Full automatic operation,ProductionHigh efficiencyBroken is larger,The size and the shape of finished product of the goodDurable

Unique design,Easy to maintain

Wearing parts used in our country is more advancedWear-resistingMaterial usedLife is long,Small volume,Light weight。To facilitate replacement parts。

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Gongyi city minteq mining equipment factory is located in gongyi city in henan province,Located in the central plains,East is near the provincial capital of zhengzhou,West nine dynasties luoyang,In accordance with the middle yue south,North surging Yellow River,Longhai railway and even huo highway,In one thousand, the monastery-Shaolin temple is located in the southwest company30Kilometers,Has a profound cultural background and rich in natural resources。Gongyi minteq mining equipment factory is a production of heavy mining machinery is given priority to scientific research、Production、Sales for the integration of large-scale private enterprises。The company is located in gongyi, national hi-tech industrial development zone,With scientific management methods,The manufacturing process of the best,Innovative manufacturing idea rapidly growing

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Address:Gongyi city, zhengzhou city of henan province Chinese redbud huangshan mountain road

Contacts:Manager wang

Contact phone number:13938276262

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