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The storage of ashes
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      Jiang Xigu special music essence hidden technology co., LTD is located in the talents of Chinese medicine、Metal furniture industry base in China——Camphor tree in jiangxi province。Is a collection research and development、Manufacturing、Sales、The service is a body specialized production for the storage of ashes、Memorial tablet、Buddhist funeral equipment supplies company。The company was founded2009Years,The registered capital10099Ten thousand yuan,The production and business operation sites30000Square meters。Senior engineer of the company、Professional and technical backbone of company employees30%。Research and development of strong design capability and advanced automatic intelligent assembly line production equipment,Is the company to create high-quality goods,The cornerstone of molded future。The company always pursues the quality first、Credibility is heavy、The management for this、Services for the business philosophy of honesty,Constantly blaze new trails,Research and development of products has won30Many Chinese invention patent and utility model patents。In the company2017Evaluated by jiangxi provincial science and technology department“High and new technology enterprise”,Belong to the same industry first。And won“A famous brand in China”、“The national quality、Service...<To learn more>

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