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      Two cross the town JuYi industrial group is located in lingshi county in shanxi,Tight with pu railway line,With108National road is only a bridge between,Was established2002Years。The existing coal mine、Coal washery、Wall materials factory、Motor transport、Rail shipments、Machinery manufacturing、Comprehensive utilization of coal gangue、ITSubsidiary of science and technology and other industries24A,And has a circular economy industrial park。Total assets80More than hundred million yuan,The registered capital5One hundred million yuan。
      According to the provincial government“The base for coal、Diversified development、Development cycle”Requirements,Group company established“People-oriented,Firmly establish a scientific concept of development。According to the transformation、Cycle、Innovation、To cross,Lateral resources integration,The overall plan of vertical industry chain extension,Adhere to industry as the leading high-tech innovation,With innovative technology talents of science and technology as the core,Cornerstone for coal production safety,In coal、Focus、The circulation and gangue comprehensive utilization for the two wings,Based on rail shipments,In mechanical equipment processing and manufacturing、New building materials development and import and export trade as the breakthrough,Trying to build The development of modern coal industry cycle system,Promote circulation、Environmental protection、Cleaner production、Source reduction,Achieve energy cascade utilization,Water recycling,Use of waste exchange,Intensive land economical utilization,Vigorously promote savings to increase production、Cutbacks。Retain2017Years Successful listing bao xin new materials co., LTD。Strive for to‘Twelve•Five’At the end,Group of companies realize gross domestic product53One hundred million yuan,Pay profit tax5One hundred million yuan,The pattern of economic development by resource intensive to new material、Machinery manufacturing、Import and export trade”The overall strategic objectives。

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