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Bozhou city vauen Chinese medicine yinpian company,Is located in the famous historical and cultural city、Hua tuo village----Bozhou city in anhui province。In the vauen Chinese medicine yinpian factory located in bozhou city economic development zone。With modern scale enterprise,Construction and managementGMPRequirements。Processing yinpian use highly advanced modern equipment。The factory location by lily road south,In the west105National highway,The transportation is convenient,The factory covers an area of52m,Theme engineering construction area42742Square meters。Campus green area30%The above,Elegant environment,Is a typical garden pharmaceutical companies。The factory total investment1.16One hundred million yuan,,The registered capital2000Ten thousand yuan,Annual output of Chinese medicine yinpian after production18000Tons,The annual tax is3800More than ten thousand yuan。Now, existing staff of the company276People,Has a senior title and college degree or above137People,Of staff50%,The senior staff37People,Combine traditional Chinese and western medicine professional production director,Thirteen years work experience。Quality assurance manager with traditional Chinese medicine resources and professional development,Bachelor's degree,More than six years work experience。The company has passedGMPCertification,Scope of business Chinese medicine yinpian(Toxic slices、Net system、Cutting system、Steamed、Making、The main system、Drugs)Including tea and substitute of tea production、Pre-packaged food wholesale and retail;Chinese herbal medicine sales,Purchase and sale of agricultural and sideline products;Self-management and agent all kinds of goods and technology import and export business。The company is already listed in anhui new four plate,For the stake in code:730080.

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Feeling warm vauen 丨 to help show the truth Accurate poverty alleviation warm the heart

12Month30Day,On the occasion of the new,In response to bozhou city poverty alleviation project accurately,Vauen group chairman li together with project managers to get to the Zhao Qiao mr.wong township village two recipients of double floor Zhang Xueti、Zhang society's home to visit,On behalf of the company sent to the caffeine arts。
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